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Letter to Orumba North and South Federal Constituency

Orumba North And South Federal Constituency,

Two days ago, the President of Nigeria was at the National Assembly to present 2019 Budget. What happened at that joint session was a slap on our face. I was ashamed. The lawmakers disappointed their constituency and Nigerians in general. I was forced to recheck the meaning of the word/title “Honorable” and I can tell you that the title was defiled and thrown to the dogs. Our lawmakers are expected to be of impeccable character but what they displayed yesterday was too despicable to imagine.

We have a serious task in 2019. To ensure the disgraceful drama that took place yesterday never repeat itself again in the history of our country. We Must not vote for thugs to represent us either in the Red or Green chamber. That is why Ndi Orumba North and South Federal Constituency adopted Chief Hon. Barr. Uchenna Okonkwo-Okom as the consensus candidate for the constituency.

For the first time in the history Of Orumba, the masses reasoned beyond party politics and went for quality representation. The slogan #TheOneWeKnow has dominated every nook and cranny of Orumba. No doubt, Chief Barr. Okonkwo-Okom is the bridge across other divides. Egwu Abuja is not for uneducated candidates who used thugs to intimidate people to get party ticket or those that have zero knowledge about public service and lawmaking.

Thank you.

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