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The Gap between Hon BARR. Uchenna Okonkwo-Okom & Others

Sincerely, having evaluated, compared and contrasted the antecedents of all the contestants for ORUMBA NORTH AND SOUTH FED. CONSTITUENCY, permutation has remained that the difference is clear.

  1. EXPERIENCE : Among all the candidates, Chief. Barr. Uchenna Okonkwo-Okom remains the only tested Law Maker. His previous achievements in representing Orumba North in the State House still beat drums in the ears of the masses. His vocal and reasoning ability gained him much popularity in the then State Parliament, a feat which had made all his sponsored bills to break through. Who else?

2 PREVIOUS RECORDS: clear and unbiased records have established that IFEMBA rarely loses election in his ward. His personality has gained him unfading confidence and trust from his people. There is substantial evidence to prove that IFEMBA has not been involved in any criminal, misappropriation and scandal case. Who else?

3 NATIONAL INFLUENCE: having accepted the fact that democracy is all about the majority, one must consider he who goes with the majority. It’s quite obvious that BARR. UCHENNA OKONKWO OKOM remains the only candidate that is influential to the National leadership and the government to come. Then, if representation is all about constituency’s dividend, we must take into consideration the general outlook of the person who has the capability to attract them. Who else?

Funny is the fact that all other candidates are not well known by their party members, talk more of the masses. Politics is a game of numbers and we ought to consider who can attract much numbers. Who else?

EDUCATION: law making goes with who knows the law to make, how and when to make it. Being a renowned lawyer has placed IFEMBA high above all other candidates.


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