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Why Lagos may Become the Largest Igbo City by 2030

Lagos state may geographically be located in southwestern Nigeria, a region dominated by ethnic Yoruba but with increasing indigenous Lagos-Igbo ( Igbo generation born in Lagos) and continual influx of southeasterners is a major threat which may eventually strip the Yoruba og their waning ownership of Lagos. As may be noted, the Igbo have been fully integrated in every polity of Lagos; socially, politically and economically. Below is evidence that Lagos will soon become the first Igbo territory outside their conventional southeast and parts of south south.

* The biggest international markets in lagos are owned by the Igbo (Trade Fair, Alaba International market, Ladikpo etc).

* The Igbo now dominate major political positions in lagos ( many Igbo are appointed commissioner in Lagos, many constituencies in Lagos state House of Assembly are represented by Lagos indigenous Igbo. Lagos indigenous Igbo have headed different LGAs as chairman. The recent southwest APC publicity sectary, JOE IGBOKWE is a Lagos indigenous Igbo.

* Notable Igbo Entrepreneurs established their enterprises in Lagos with the majority of their employees being Igbo. Examples include Nest Oil, Capital Oil, ABC transport, GUO transport,etc.

* Igbo millionaires are buying up Lagos. From Lagos mainland to Lagos island, most buildings, companies and shops/ stores are own by the Igbo. Some even said Festac and Satellite towns are completely Igbo areas. Rumors have it that Innoson and Orange Drugs have purchased half of Vitoria and Banana islands.

*Most landlords in Lagos are Igbo. The Igbo now closing swamps to erect more buildings in lagos leaving the Yoruba houseless.

It is an expectation of every indigenous Lagos Igbo son and daughter that one day an Igbo man will become the governor of Lagos state to complete the full integration of indigenous Lagos Igbo.

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