“By their fruits, we shall know them”.

 If not for prebendal politics, there’s no pertinent reason to wish away the need to give IFEMBA the Orumba mandate. If not for any reason, then, for his previous impacts in the lives of the people. Taking memories back, one may remember the pains and abandonment felt by the people of the ORUMBA NORTH constituency due to bad road network. In those days, people perceived it as a curse to travel to Awgbu, Amokpala, Oko, and etc. Infact, the constituency was the worst area to be visited.

The menace continued until the EMERGENCE OF HON. BARR. UCHENNA OKONKWO OKOM as a law maker in the State House. The story began to change. Due to his vocal and reasoning ability, he pushed for the construction of AWGBU-AMOKPALA-OKO ROAD. It’s quite obvious and clear that ODOR RIVER BRIDGE on this second road stands as the longest bridge ever constructed in Anambra. One must be sincere to accept the reality that it’s the availability of these road networks that brought about some developments in these areas. All these because of his qualitative and unsentimental representation.

Definitely, the highest regret of the people of ORUMBA NORTH now is that IFEMBA has not gone to the House of Representatives to attract more development for Orumba . But, there is still hope and the hope is now. If BARR. UCHENNA OKONKWO OKOM could do it then, he will do it much more in the federal House.
One doesn’t value what he has, until he loses it

 With all these qualities, coupled with his advantage of being a renowned lawyer, I think he can’t be compared to others. It’s all about who knows the law to make and how to make it.

Therefore, let’s think for a better tomorrow. Who has the experience? Who is vocal and has the ability to stand pressure? Who has the better influence? Who knows the law to be made? He is no one else but HON. BARR. UCHENNA OKONKWO OKOM.

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