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The Passion of Love

By Nuel Spencer

He looked into her glinting eyes and saw crazy passion sitting on her beautiful face. He held her left hand in his and closed up the little space between them. His hand smoothly touched her long, black hair. He caressed her neck, bent his head and planted a kiss on her succulent, inviting lips while her eyes were closed. Hot blood rushed down to his phallus and he became hard down there. He pressed his lips against hers again as she held his back firmly and stroke it gently.

In the twinkling of an eye, they both landed on the king-size bed covered in spotless, white duvet. He continued to roll up his tongue against hers. His hands caressed her fresh mound of breasts and tickled her nipples before he kissed down to her nipples and then her navel. She moaned softly. Patiently, slowly, he removed her white pants and kissed her navel down to her honey pot. He messaged her feet, ankles, her calf and her succulent, yellow thighs with his left palm and sucked her clit with the tip of his salivating tongue. She moaned and twisted in bed like a snake and held his head with her two hands while he sucked her to nuts. He kept rolling his hands over her breasts firmly while he ate her honey pot as she moaned off the roof.

Beauty was wet all over when he was done eating her and couldn’t wait to feel him big inside her. She begged him to fuck her hard and used her hand to force his long, yummy dick inside her. The first long thrust made to her out a low cry of pain and pleasure. As he shagged her the missionary style, he touched all sensitive parts of her body, including her legs, thighs, her ribs, her boobs. He put his index finger into her mouth and she sucked it with passion.

He made her lie on stomach while he took her from her back, hitting her big butts. He was rough, wild and fast. She screamed and moaned at the same time while he shagged her with his big dick and massaged her fresh butts with his hands. After a while, she squirted all over him and her legs and whole body quivered like a slithering snake.

She pushed him off gently and lay in bed, glowing with satisfaction. Her husband was not that good in bed. If only her husband knew how to touch her and make love to her, she wouldn’t have had this affair with Spencer. But Spencer was too sweet and she can’t get enough of him.

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