The sucess of any lawmaker in attracting goodies for his people at the National Assembly is highly dependent on the position of the member in any ‘ juicy’ committee- This is because, almost all serious politicking at NASS is done at the committee level

For a member to be assigned a worthy position in a functional committee, the member need too be a ranked member and has networks of goodwill among the members of the house- this network is built along party lines-among members of the political party that dominate the house. Being assigned a worthy position in a functional committee means that the lawmaker will in no time influence jobs, road projects, healthcare and entrepreneurial supports for his constituents, utilizing his influence in the committee.

Of all the candidates vying to represent Orumba federal constituency, only one of them is ranked and is better positioned to have a large support network among members of the house- He is Hon. Barr. Okonkwo Okom.

In 2019, Orumba is left with the choice of sending a candidate who is already ranked to the house of Representatives, positioning ourselves for a juicy committee and it benefits to our constituency or sending newbies who will end up using 4 years to learn the ropes, languishing as mere members in committees with odd names and less functionality.

Hon. Barr. Okonkwo Okom as a former whip of the Anambra State house of Assembly is already ranked- he no longer needs to spend months learning how to draft and present bills- getting him into the House of Representatives will ensure placement in a functional committee which will be of enormous benefit to Ndi Orumba. We will have our roads included in the budget, We will have the capacity to elevate issues in Orumba to matters of national importance. Funding for erosion projects will become a priority.

Another is, that the politics of the National Assembly is played between political parties and one thing is certain, in 2019, PDP and APC will make 98% of the members of NASS. In other words, APGA has no chance to play national Assembly politics and gain it inherent benefits. The case of it former national chairman at the Senate is an eye opener. Pause a bit, and ask, which of the APGA members in NASS has any worthy position in any ‘ active’ committee? In NASS, goodies for your people come only through committees. This is why most APGA lawmakers at NASS are floundering

Hon. Barr. Okonkwo Okom as a founding member of the APC and the Secretary of it constitution drafting constitution in 2014, already has lots of friends across the geopolitical divides, and if he gets to NASS, is guaranteed of meeting a chunk of them there- meaning he will have a large dependable network to support his bills and protect the interests of his people. No other candidate in the race has this leverage.

None of the candidates in the race also has a more indepth knowledge of Orumba politics and dynamics more than Hon. Barr. Okonkwo Okom . He understands the economic challenges and can identify all the erosion spots in Orumba at a spot without stammering . A walking encyclopedia of Orumba. It’s this knowledge that he will draw from, in formulating policies and bills that targets specifically our challenges in Orumba. No other candidates can do this.

In 2019, Orumba is presented with a choice- to send the better prepared candidate with the requisite experience, contact and rank to take Orumba higher or pander to emotional dictates and sentiments and send newbies who will end up mute and languish in obscurity in NASS.

If Orumba must make a wise pick, Hon. Barr. Okonkwo Okom towers high above all in experience and intellectual fecundity Let’s make a wise pick

Obi Trice Emeka
Writes from Awgbu

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