Peter Obi Accuses Fr. Mbaka of N500m Extortion – Nwaneki – Emmnet Blog

Peter Obi Accuses Fr. Mbaka of N500m Extortion – Nwaneki

Reported by Rex Nwaneki

Report written by James Eze, the Chief Press Secretary to Anambra State Governor..


Peter Obi Exposes Fr. Mbaka, Accuse Him of Extortion To The Tune of Five Hundred Million (500,000,000) Naira.

The fight between the former Governor of Anambra state and revered clergy, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka of Enugu state has taken another turn as chief Peter Obi
yesterday accused Fr. Mbaka of extortion and Hypocrisy. He made the statement at Abuja during an emergency meeting of Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) National Executives. In the meeting, Peter Obi openly accused Rev. Mbaka of duping him and many other people of their hard earned money especially politicians and the wealthy in the society.

Obi confessed that he never liked Fr. Mbaka because he is a cheat, a serial liar and dupe but went to the adoration ground just because he was coerced by his wife and some friends to attend their yearly Harvest and Bazar Thanksgiving .

According to our reliable source, Peter Obi confirmed that Rev. Mbaka duped him and Anambra state of Five Hundred Million (500,000,000) Naira. According to Peter Obi, he approved the loan on partnership agreement with Rev. Mbaka in his business. Peter Obi alleged that Rev. Mbaka collected the approved loan from the ministry of Trade and Commerce in Anambra State and has not paid back until today. The loan according to Obi for partnership is for expansion of Rev. Mbaka’s business interests in Enugu State. He lamented that all his efforts to recover the money from Rev. Mbaka proved abortive as the Rev. Father told him that the money is his contribution to his ministry.

Our source further confirmed that Peter Obi was very bitter with the manner Rev. Mbaka insulted him and Atiku Abubakar at the Adoration ground last week and vowed to teach Rev. Mbaka the lessons of his life.

Recall that Peter Obi went to the Adoration ground in Enugu State last week for the church’s Harvest and Bazar Thanksgiving to campaign , unfortunately, he was dissected irredeemably by Mbaka because of his stinginess. Mbaka told him bluntly that their campaign has failed. He told Peter Obi to stop running from one church to another in his selfish bid to win the presidency. According to Mbaka, Peter Obi will not even know how the election went after which he and Atiku will fail woefully.

The last has not been heard of the saga between Peter Obi and Rev. Mbaka as Obi has vowed to expose Mbaka the more.

Efforts to get Rev. Mbaka on the phone to hear his own side of the story and also clear his name was unsuccessful as the renowned Rev. Father did not accept or return our numerous calls. Stay tuned for more informations on PeterObiFrMbakagate.

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