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Vote Hon. Barr. Uchenna Okonkwo-Okom for Orumba Federal Constituency

Hon. Chief Barr. Uchenna Okonkwo-Okom is the man we know for REP. Orumba Federal Constituency deserves the best among the rest. Let us not settle for less. When you compare Hon. Barr. Uchenna Okonkwo-Okom to other candidates, you would notice that he stands out automatically. As the saying goes, a golden fish has no hiding place. 

We must thank God that Orumba has a man like Ifemba. Hon. Barr. Uchenna Okonkwo-Okom is a reputable and popular barrister at Law. He is a former member of the Anambra state House of Assembly and a member of the Constitution drafting committee of the All Progressives Congress. Due to his antecedents and landmark achievements in equitable and effective representation in the House of Assembly, he was awarded the honorific investiture of Ifemba n’Orumba by the Orumba Council of Traditional Rulers. He has also received many awards and honorific titles from many towns and villages in Orumba. These awards were given in recognition of his meritorious service and effective representation. The erudite Ifemba is widely known as a public speaker and a man of great oratorical prowess, given his comparative advantage as a lawyer and a former legislator. When you compare him to Ewepudike, he automatically reduces Ewepudike to the status of a Lilliputian. Ifemba is the giant who dwarfs Ewepudike in all ramifications. There is no basis for comparison.

Experience Counts

As long as lawmaking is involved, leave it for Hon. Chief Barr. Uchenna Okonkwo-Okom it is part of his life. His impact as a member of the Anambra State House Of Assembly is still making waves till date. When it was time for Anambra State to change her slogan, it was Hon. Chief Barr. Uchenna Okonkwo-Okom that suggested the current slogan “Light Of The Nation”. He became a mentor to his fellow honourable colleagues. At the time, the speaker of the House usually advised members to discuss whatever bill they had to sponsor with Barr. Uchenna Okonkwo-Okom before presenting it, in order to avoid the embarrassment of the bill being rejected by the governor. He criticised the bill that prohibited people from answering phone calls at Fuel Stations and other sensitive places with the reason that Telecommunication is on the Exclusive List and state has no right to make such law. When they insisted and submitted the bill to the governor, it was referred to the Attorney General for legal advise. The bill was rejected on the basis of Hon. Okonkwo’s argument.

He was the chairman of the following House Committees.

  1. House Committee on Environment.
  2. House Committee on Judiciary.
  3. House Committee on Rules and Ethics.
  4. House Committee on Finance and Appropriation.

He was the Chief Whip of the Third Anambra State House of Assembly.

You can concur with me that experience has no rival or substitute. Support and vote for Chief Hon. Barr. Uchenna Okonkw-Okom for a better Orumba.


With these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you to cast your vote in favor of Hon. Chief Barr. Uchenna Okonkwo-Okom (Ifemba n’Orumba).

3 thoughts on “Vote Hon. Barr. Uchenna Okonkwo-Okom for Orumba Federal Constituency

  • December 1, 2018 at 11:32 am

    My brother, I think you should spend your time in marketing and projecting the image of your principal and not making unnecessary comparisons between Okonkwo Okom and Ewepudike as both are sons of Orumba! You will be draging the respect both men have for themselves to the mud by so doing! I advise you desist from such act subsequently as it will not do you any good. My one cent advise.

  • December 6, 2018 at 7:27 am

    I have heard you, sir.

  • December 6, 2018 at 7:28 am

    I have taken note.


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