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Hon. Barr Uchenna Okonkwo-Okom for Orumba Federal Constituency

There are three candidates for Orumba North & South Federal Constituency election in 2019. Among the three, Chief Barr. Uchenna Okonkwo-Okom is the one we know. It is not just that we know him, he knows us too. There is no community in Orumba that Chief Barr. Okonkwo-Okom will not tell you her history with at least names of twenty families from there.

It is someone you know that you can trust and send on an errand and he/she will deliver a good result. Ndi Orumba North sent him to represent them in Anambra State House of Assembly (2004-2007) and his impacts stand tall till today. It was his achievement that earned him a meritorious title, Ifemba Orumba from Orumba North Traditional Rulers Council and Orumba North Local Government Administration.

Lawmaking had been part of his life as a lawyer. He is more educated and experienced than other candidates.

Vote and support Chief Barr. Uchenna Okonkwo-Okom for Orumba North/South Federal Constituency.

Chekwube Ezealor Experience.

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