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Help! My Relationship is Threatened by Religious Differences

Hello, I have been with my boyfriend for over a year. We started off well, in -love as you usually do and have shared some wonderful experiences. We’re both Christians and I’d never thought of asking what he believed in exactly, I just assumed he was a ‘normal’ Christians. I even invited him to my church which he attended a few times. 

Fast forward to 9 months down the line, I asked him about his church and he said ‘you might find it strange, you might think I’m an extremist. So did digged a bit further and asked him what he meant He said ‘well the women wear trousers and they don’t wear make-up. Now at this point, I was thinking, well I do all these things and you why is he with me if I still do these things? And why allow me to fall deeply in love if I didn’t really meet the ‘criteria’ A few months later, I pressed to attend his church. 

So it turns out he is part of The Message church, and their prophet is ‘William Branham’, they have very strict rules over the women in the church but I don’t see anything that the men have to give up per se. What disturbed me the most is that the teachings were mainly cantered around ‘Brother Branham’ and what he said and what he prophesied etc. 

I found this experience very strange and alarming, why wouldn’t they just preach straight from the Bible and that be it? They even have a Christian and non-Christian sboed asked where in the bible it said this and he said there isn’t. 

BUT, apparently Brother Branham’ had a dream where God showed him hell and the devil was wearing very high heeled shoes and that’s why it’s not allowed. I had never heard of this church before meeting him, they all live in fear, even I started to live in fear and have paranoia about hell etc, it was mentally tormenting for me. We had some arguments around it, almost to the point of breaking up.

I think he thinks I’ll ‘convert’ deep down, but the way I’m seeing it I can’t. From my perspective, I’d be fine with him going to his church and me attending mine, but if we’re thinking long term that would be tricky and probably not work and he would not be happy with it. 

I am torn because I really love him, he is my first boyfriend and we’ve shared a lot of memories together. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if he is part of a cult or whether that is indeed the truth! How would I not wear any make-up on my wedding day? What if my kids want to take part in sports at school, do I tell them they have to wear dresses to run or in the gym? I never thought this would be the thing that would break us apart, I am torn and trying so hard to mentally switch off, but I don’t know what to do. 

We both love each other and since the arguments we’ve just not discussed the topic anymore, but I know it’s only a matter of time. l’m scared of starting again, looking for someone all over again, What do I do? What would you do?

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