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A Summary of Emmanuel Ifediata’s BEAST OF MANY COLOURS

Beast of Many
is the
story of the unpredictable life of George Okonkwo, the psychologically
embattled hero of the novel who becomes a misfit in an environment where
positive values are met with resistance.

story begins when George leaves his home in Lasgidi for the Lower Naija where
he intends ‘to make his family proud’. At the university, he meets an alluring
young lady named Flora and enters into a relationship with her. He is
distracted by the relationship and the newfangled liberty in school. Eventually,
he plays into the hands of Strauss, a notorious cultist, who later grew to
become his best friend. In the course of time, Strauss and his friends have a
telling influence on George. They introduce him to smoking, binge-drinking and
criminal lifestyle. A threatened George is pressurized by his new friends to
join their cult. George soon lands into trouble after being initiated into one
of the most dreaded cults on campus. A deadly cult war breaks out and George
escapes narrowly from campus after killing a member of a rival cult on

father registers him in a tertiary institution abroad to study Law and come
back with a lot of money but George comes back with a degree in Diplomacy, a
burning desire to change his morally depraved society and no money. His family
especially his father is disillusioned. He opts to marry Flora but his parents,
especially his father kicks against it because she is from another tribe.
Against the advice of the elders and his parents, he marries Flora. The socio-political
system soon leads him to compromise his standards as he accepts a job that was
made possible through nepotism. While on the job, he refuses to rig an election
and expects the society to live up to this high principle. But people react
differently as they think of him as a misfit. He rejects a bribe offer in
refusal to rig the election. A few days after the election, his forgotten case
of murder is reopened and he is arrested and whisked into prison while awaiting

wife visits him in prison and promises to get a lawyer to seek his bail but
instead of making contacts with a lawyer in order to bail her husband from
detention, she uses her husband’s old friend’s lawyer to draw up a divorce.
George breaks out of prison during a prison break and discovers that his wife
has moved on with his old-time friend. He is saddened and traumatized to find
that his wife has been having an affair with his friend and barges into his
house at midnight. He argues with his wife in their bedroom but as she begins
to raise her voice, he muffles her wild screams and stabs her to death. He
frames his friend for the murder and escapes before the police visit the scene.
The coroner orders the arrest of his framed friend, Miller, and this friend of
his is arrested and detained.

He goes back to his old lifestyle and begins to indulge in substance abuse. His harrowing past haunts him and he becomes psychologically devastated. He hallucinates about his wife and loses his mind when he thinks that her spirit is after him. A voice in his head tells him to confess but on getting to the police station to make a confessional statement, the police take him for a mad man on the loose. They seize him and take him to a mental home where he is kept and made to believe that he is mad until his spirit is broken and defeated.

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