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The Society also Pressurize Men to Marry [Cardoso Ayodeji]

The society pressures women into marriage, society ridicules a woman who is of age but not yet married, society looks down or stigmatizes women who are not married but have younger ones who are but does not pressure men into marriage, blah blah blah…

Please stop it. Stop this nonsense talk. Just stop it.

Is it not the same women who still spite one another with this marriage thing? So which society are you all talking about?

And who says men too don’t get pressured to marry?

This same society that begins to wonder and question a man about marriage once he has a car, an apartment, has small change or is old enough?

This same society where a single guy is not expected to understand issues discussed amongst married men until he is married.

This same society where he is teased to keep quiet, married men are talking.

This same society where he is not yet seen as a man until he is able to live with a woman as a wife under the same roof.

This same society where a man of marriageable age greets people and they are responding with, how is the family. Of course, they are not talking about his siblings and parents.

The other day a guy shared his encounter with a woman he stumbled into. After exchanging pleasantries, she went on to ask, how is the family and he said he wasn’t married. The next thing she said was, “you look married”

This same society single men are seen as not responsible yet until they begin to cater for a wife and children.

This same society a man cannot hold some certain positions for example in churches, unless he is married because commonsensically, once he has a wife and children he caters for, then he is a responsible man. Even some vital positions or responsibilities in some organizations would not be entrusted to a non married man because there is no one he is responsible to unlike a married man with a wife and kids.

This same society where the same women complaining about pressure actually run after married men because to them, married men are mature, caring and more responsible than single men.

You say once a woman comes of age, society begins to push her to leave her fathers house, get married and move into her husbands house, leaving the men. But forget it is the same society that still expects a man once he comes of age or is done schooling or now working and earning, to leave his fathers house too, rent an apartment and prepare to settle down and start his own family, or end up being called a mummy’s boy or not yet a man by this same women complaining about pressure.

If this and many others I couldn’t capture in this write up is not pressure, I don’t know what else is.

So make una calm down, I no wan dey hear this kind talk again. We all face this same marital pressure which is peculiar to each gender.

Stop sounding like the men dont have a family (parents, siblings, relatives), friends, colleagues, pastors in some cases, who keep bugging and asking when they are settling down.

Honestly, you don’t even want to know how many people dey wait me even when I am yet to have a girlfriend sef. 🙈

I agree a woman should be financially stable, pursue a career and give your life some meaning, first. Superb!

Still, if you like achieve and gain the whole world, it doesn’t change the fact that people will always be people, society will always have expectations of you, even life has its own expectations because it is in stages and phases. You are simply in that phase now and that is what is expected.

So, rather than see it as pressure, I see it as life expectations and then concern for women, because like it or not, accept it or not, a man and a woman are different biologically.

From a responsible and eligible bachelor.

Good afternoon.

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