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Happy Birthday, Kossy Thecla Ifediata.

It’s my nineteenth birthday and I make bold to say that I have outgrown a lot of things and improved on my abilities.

I have left old friends or maybe they left me behind. I had to make new friends too, new goals, new plans, no more a fool. I was on my way to become a Woman, to understand my world, no more an alien.

But now, I am +1 what have I discovered? I am faced with a world full of pressure, expectations, men, love and no leisure.

I can’t really say that over the years, I have been proud of my teenage days. And I know am still yet to attain more….

I thank God for the gift of life. I thank God for my friends and family…
Lord as I add +1 shower me with your blessings… that I may continue to Prosper and live long….
Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday to Kenzie.
Happy birthday to Zeddicus.
Happy birthday to Kokodem.

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